Laboratory for Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research

The LIMCR, which is integrated in the 3rd Medical Department of the Paracelsus Medical University Clinics Salzburg, was established by Prof. Richard Greil in 2005. The main focus of the laboratory is the research on leukemia with a specialization on chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL), an abundant leukemia mostly affecting elderly people.


The mission of the laboratory and the Third Medical Department is to implement systematically, and as quickly as possible, knowledge gained from translational and basic scientific research in medical practice and thereby offering patient-oriented and tailored therapy. As a consequence, the LIMCR maintains a close connection with the Clinical Trial Center and the Everyday Clinical Practice to ensure maximum synergy and efficacy in cancer research.


Through translational und international competitive research the LIMCR team of medical scientists and biologists (see CCS members Egle, Hartmann and Geisberger) contributes to a better understanding of current therapeutic concepts and the development of novel treatment strategies.




Prof. Richard Greil, MD

Head of LIMCR and CCS

Salzburg Cancer Research Institute

IIIrd Medical Department

University Clinics Salzburg

Translating basic cancer research into the clinics

A major focus of LIMCR is to swiftly transfer knowledge from the bench to the bedside of cancer patients. LIMCR has been setup to intimately link basic science and clincial trial centers for the rapid development and evaluation of novel therapeutic concepts.

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